2weistein: New prices in the Nintendo eShop

2weistein Nintendo eShop

Nintendo eShop. As of today, there are new prices for 2weistein in the Nintendo eShop. All prices are increasing, we made a price reduction for 2weistein – The Lost Wood and 2weistein – Ronger Pirates.

Be a hero and safe Trillion! The new prices are permanent, get the whole range of 2weistein in the Nintendo eShop and have fun with these entertaining games.

2weistein in the Nintendo eShop

Links to the Shop:

2weistein – The Lost Wood

2weistein – Ronger Pirates

2weistein in Asban

Ingame videos: 2weistein

Ingame trailer: 2weistein – Ronger Pirates
Ingame trailer: 2weistein – The Lost Wood
2weistein Gameplay: 2weistein in Asban