Behind the scenes – More about 2weistein

2weistein is the best educational software for training maths ever!
As you might never have heard about this game before we will tell you a bit more about it:

Based on the latest scientific researches that playing video games can boost learning the idea to develop a game with useful content, namely exercising maths, was born. It is known since generations that children learn while playing, nowadays children love to play video games. So, easier said than done, the decision was made to develop a game where you train maths while playing.

As most households have a PC or a Mac it was decided to develop this superior game for these platforms and not for a console to make it accessible for as many players as possible without any extra-costs. As a surplus, you can play it with your keyboard or with a gamepad to make it easy to play.

After the story was written, 2weistein has been developed by professional game designers in close co-operation with a team of psychologists and teachers. The training software follows the structure of an adventure: To continue one must collect or earn energy, magical drinks or coins, e.g. for more energy. The special point in our game is: To gain the items and to continue in the game, one must not only collect them but as well solve mathematical quests.

The mathematical quests are not only chests with basic arithmetic operations, as well there are Hundred Squares, written maths problems, training of concentration or memory and many more. There are about 5,000 different quests in the game, even if it you do not realise this once plunged in the game!

For some action the player has to fight (harmelessly) against opponents, as in a „real“ adventure there is a Big Boss as the major opponent in a level to continue until the game comes to the end and the player must fight against the major boss, the mean magician Godron: Help the inhabitants of the magic world of Trillion to make their world save and free!

For a positive gameplay there are always friendly confirmations if the player does not solve the tasks, for a better understanding there are explaining schemata if maths tasks were not solved (If a task is not solved correctly the way how to solve it appears. The player can understand and follow how to find the right solution), and, last not least, there are different levels, adapted to the specific knowledge of the player which adapts to the knowledge of the player while playing as well.

Besides lots of caring and a beautiful design there are professional speakers! The story and the tasks are not only shown, they are told as well.

2weistein was published in Germany first and won several awards, for us the most precious award is the „Tommy-Award“, voted directly by children. We like this award the most as we made the game for children and they love it!

As this unique educational software deserves it to become available world-wide, we decided to internationalize it and therefore produced an English version.

Buy it for Windows (download version – worldwide -) here: