2weistein Compilation – Music of the game

2weistein Compilation - Music of the Game

2weistein Compilation – Music of the game: The beautiful and inspiring music for all lovers of the soundtrack.


  1. Intro 1:17
  2. The Blue Dungeons 3:50
  3. Asban City Theme 3:54
  4. Asban Citadel 4:30
  5. Dragon Fight 2:28
  6. Into the Dungeons 3:28
  7. The Elfin Light 5:40
  8. March of the Elves 4:16
  9. Mountains of Madness 5:03
  10. Harbour 3:12
  11. Icy Worlds 1:52
  12. The Lost Wood 2:25
  13. Lyria’s Last Battle 2:24
  14. Godron’s Flying Carpets 3:43
  15. The Octopus 0:40
  16. On Deck of the Ronger Ship 1:05
  17. Shipwrecked 3:02
  18. Harbour (2nd Edit) 3:17
  19. Remembering 3:16
  20. Victory 1:48

Music composed and written by Ralph Bojen.

Album contains: Remastered music from the soundtrack 2008 “2weistein – Das Geheimnis des roten Drachen/The Curse of the Red Dragon”, and music from the latest games “2weistein in Asban” 2020 and “2weistein – The Lost Wood” 2021.

Inspiring, motivating, and supporting the unique atmosphere of the game, the soundtrack is written and composed especially for the game by Ralph Bojen. But beyond this, the atmospheric soundtrack with its dreamy pieces is a great companion for relaxing moments in daily life. You hear classical themes, electronic ambient sounds, bright world music and enchanted anthems.

Lyria’s Last Battle – Music Video

Artistic music video – Listen to the sound. Our official Red Octopus Entertainment Channel at Dailymotion Video:

Lyria’s Last Battle – 2weistein Soundtrack – Electronic ambient

2weistein Soundtrack – Lyria’s Last Battle

Youtube – 2weistein Music Compilation – Playlist

Listen to the sound – Playlist at our official 2weistein Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e-6WjrSCkCA&list=PL_bMB_CK5V4jy1sIKsay-jl87TaMLeG3K

2weistein Compilation – Music of the game: Where to buy

Original soundtrack. The music of the game is written and composed for the game “2weistein” by Ralph Bojen. Produced and published by Red Octopus GmbH – Entertainment, Music & Art.

Limited edition of the music on Audio CD.

You can order your limited edition! Get in in our store: https://www.redoctopus.de

Buy the music as a digital download, e.g. at Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/de/album/2weistein-compilation/1571445624