2weistein on Nintendo Switch

2weistein Switch

Out now: 2weistein on Nintendo Switch! This is a perfect 2weistein to go.

Same same but different: The player plonges into the story and starts the journey in Asban. For the Nintendo Switch, the game play of this challenging action adventure was adapted specifically to the console. Smooth and easy the gamer goes through, absorbed by the story he does not realize really that he trains maths and solves the puzzles. In the PC game the gamer has a detailed explanation with wrong answers, and the result has to be typed by heart. By comparison, in the Nintendo Switch game the gamer solves the tasks with multiple choise answers. In both games puzzles have to be solved with cleverness.

The Story

All was peace and quiet in Asban and the whole land of Trillion – until that day on which the gates remainded closed, as if by ghostly hand, and other strange things happened. The mean magician Godron has stolen the book „Mathematica“ from the creator of Trillion, and has cast an evil spell over the city: a ban on mathematics. Godron wants to gain power over the whole land and transform the world according to his will. But there are the brave heroes Bernard and Celestine with their friend 2weistein who want to put a stop to Godron to keep Trillion peaceful and beautiful, and no one is ever to be afraid again!

About the 2weistein games

The unique and fantastic idea behind the series of 2weistein games is to train maths in a real 3D action adventure. Embedded in the tantalizing story the player has to solve maths quests or puzzles to get ahead in the game. Besides, there is the always useful line of apps: The Magical Training Caves for the 1×1.


  • Puzzles and maths quests in a real game and great story
  • Action adventure game with maths quests
  • High quality 3D graphics and fully animated 3D characters
  • Memorable characters and landscapes
  • Beautiful soundtrack and native speakers
  • Playable character: Bernard
  • Language: English
  • Playing time about 3 hours, worth to replay many times
  • Written and spoken instructions with lots of encouragement
  • Supports touchscreen and all controllers
  • Choice between number range: 1-100, 10-1000, 1000-10.000
  • Basic mathematic operations and geometry + funny puzzles
  • Helps to control impulsiveness, concentration, attention
  • Action planning
  • Lots of fun

2weistein: Part 1 – Asban City

The gamer starts in Asban City at the harbour and plunges into the story straight away. Where is the key to the market place? The first level also is a first training how to play and provides a first training. From the market place to the dungeons into the citadel: A long exciting story with lots of tasks and puzzles to solve.

„2weistein – The Curse of the Red Dragon. Part 1 – Asban City“ is a self-contained episode with new levels, new puzzles, and new challenges from the PC Action Adventure Learning game „2weistein – The curse of the Red Dragon“. It builds its own world.

This is part 1 of a long magical story: Other parts for Nintendo Switch will follow until Trillion is beautiful and free again.

The official 2weistein Launch-Trailer:

2weistein on Nintendo Switch: Available in the Nintendo eShop.

Order: Link to the Nintendo eShop (EU / UK): Nintendo eShop
Link to US Nintendo eShop: Nintendo eShop US

Release date: 14.09.2020

Nintendo Switch is a trademark of Nintendo.

2weistein: Part 2 – The Lost Wood

With “2weistein – The Lost Wood” the adventure continues. Following Part No 1 “2weistein in Asban” the journey through the math(s) adventure learning game goes on: Save the beautiful world of Trillion!

The official 2weistein Launch-Trailer:

2weistein on Nintendo Switch: Available in the Nintendo eShop.

Order: Link to the Nintendo eShop (EU / UK): Nintendo eShop
Link to US Nintendo eShop: Nintendo eShop US

Release date: 01.10.2021
Pre-order date: 01.09.2021

Nintendo Switch is a trademark of Nintendo.