Tabletop: Miniature Game Rulebook Pacific and South East Asia

In many countries worldwide, tabletop has a wide community.

Tabletop gamers play their hobby within many settings and in different times. One aspect within the huge group of gamers are player with the interest of historical tabletop games.  The ages cover settings of the ages of the Romans, Vikings, medieval ages, up to modern times, e. g. players re-enact the D-Day in Normandy. But also the Pacific and South East Asia was an important theatre. And now there is a rule book available for this region!

Tabletop: Miniature Game Rulebook Pacific and South East Asia

A very interesting part of WWII is the war in the Pacific and South East Asia. The miniature game core rulebook – Rules for tabletop battles in WWII, Pacific and South East Asia 1941 – 1945 covers this theatre.

Historical gamers are interested in history. Sometimes, also schools use the systems to teach pupils as playing helps to understand and to learn. Mostly, the Pacific is only a side notice in miniature games, but it is worth to learn more about this theatre and its settings.

Content: Tabletop Core Rulebook Pacific and South East Asia 1941 – 1945

In the Miniature Core Rulebook Pacific and South East Asia you get comprehensive basics, optional and advanced rules. Tanks did play a role in this theatre, but also airplanes. With the air combat rules the player can re-fight air battles or making dogfights. As there were different nations, there are special rules for Japanese, US, British, Chinese and Australian. Additionally, at the end of the book you find the mission “Battle for Wake Island” to replay.

Learn more about the book in this video:

Why historical tabletop is so interesting

Tabletop is very social: You play and interact with your friends or family while gaming. As well, it is very interesting to learn more about history in a playful manner. One aspect of this hobby, too, is to do handicrafts if you create the surroundings for the game or to paint the miniatures. You do not always need many expensive mats to create the ground for your games, e. g. you can build or paint it on your own or together with your friends.

Example: How to build a Pacific Landing Beach Table

The rules work with models from 1/100 to 1/72 to 1/56 (28mm).