2weistein – Ronger Pirates

2weistein Ronger Pirates

With “2weistein – Ronger Pirates” the adventure continues. Following Part No 1 “2weistein in Asban” and Part No 2 “2weistein – The Lost Wood” the journey through the math(s) adventure learning game goes on: Save the beautiful world of Trillion!

2weistein – Sequel No 3 for Switch and Windows Store

For Nintendo Switch and Windows Store: “2weistein – Ronger Pirates” is a self-contained episode with new levels, new puzzles, and new challenges of the Action Adventure Learning game „2weistein – The Curse of the Red Dragon“. It builds its own world.

Ingame Trailer: 2weistein – Ronger Pirates

The story

All was peace and quiet in Asban and the whole land of Trillion – until that day on which the gates remained closed, as if by a ghostly hand, and other strange things happened. The mean magician Godron has stolen the book “Mathematica” from the creator of Trillion, and has cast an evil spell over the city: a ban on mathematics. Godron wants to gain power over the whole land! To do this, he urgently needs five magic items. With the help of the Ronger Pirates, he will soon find them. They do anything for a few gold coins. But there are also brave heroes who want to put a stop to Godron and keep Trillion peaceful and beautiful!

Short game description 2weistein: Part 3 – Ronger Pirates

The heroes have rescued the Magic Silver Chest, the Elfin Light, and the Elfish Powerful Sword from the clutches of Godron. But, there are still two important magic items missing. And Asban is still bewitched. Bravely, Bernard and 2weistein set sail to find the Dark Crystal. If they manage to conquer Godron, then Trillion will once again be peaceful and free …

Bernard, the little hero, left Asban (Part 1) with the first magic item, the Magic Silver Chest. In the Lost Wood (Part 2) the player meets the suspicious Elves of the Wood where he gets the powerful Elfish Sword and finds the magical Elfish Light. The adventure now goes on with the Ronger Pirates (Part 3) where the mysterious Dark Crystal is hidden.

The adventure starts at a beautiful, idyllic island: Here are some puzzles to solve before you can get into the Ronger camp. Here the Ronger Pirates have hidden some treasures, as well the player has do dig for some precious gems. Now the journey continues into the jungle: Here are ruins and temples of the lost ancient culture of the Old Lost Culture. The Ronger Pirates have provided the old sites and the artfully built terraces of the Old Lost Culture with a number of obstacles and puzzles – the way into the pirate’s nest is not supposed to be too easy! A secret passage leads from the pirate’s nest into a hidden Pirate Dungeon: The valuable Dark Crystal is well hidden here somewhere.

Don’t be afraid. Be a pirate!

You have lots of puzzles and tasks to solve, jump and count and fight – a long exciting pirate adventure awaits you!

About the 2weistein games

The unique and fantastic idea behind the series of 2weistein games is to train maths in a real 3D action adventure. Embedded in the tantalizing story the player has to solve maths quests or puzzles to get ahead in the game. Developed by professional game designers in close co-operation with a team of psychologists and teachers, it won several prices in Europe.


  • Puzzles and math(s) quests in a real game and great story
  • Action adventure game with math(s) quests
  • Training maths: Basic arithmetic operations
  • Place value / placeholder tasks (addition and subtraction)
  • Puzzles
  • Memorable characters, beautiful fantastic landscapes
  • Helps to control impulsiveness, concentration, attention
  • Action planning and skill exercises
  • High quality 3D graphics and fully animated 3D characters
  • Atmospheric soundtrack and native speakers
  • 6 level, playing time about 5 hours, high replay value
  • Playable character: Bernard
  • Written and spoken instructions with lots of encouragement
  • Choice between number range: 1-100, 10-1000, 10-10.000
  • Basic mathematic operations and puzzles
  • Lots of fun
  • Language: English

Playable with:

  • WIN10 / WINDOWS STORE: Playable with keyboard and USB/Xbox/PS-controllers
  • Switch: Supports touchscreen and all controllers

Release data and Shop-Links: Where to buy

Windows Store – English and German version / Deutsche und englische Version

Windows Store – English version
2weistein – Ronger Pirates
Release date: 31.08.2022
Link to Windows Store: 2weistein – Ronger Pirates

Windows Store – German version
2weistein – Der dunkle Kristall
Release Date: 02.09.2022
Link zum Windows Store: 2weistein – Der dunkle Kristall

Nintendo Switch – English version
2weistein – The Curse of the Red Dragon 3: Ronger Pirates
Release date: Pre-order starts: 24.08.2022 – Release: 01.09.2022
Release Ronger Pirates – V2: 01.12.2023.
There is an updated version of the Ronger Pirates (V2) available, now with new music and challenges:
Link to US Nintendo eShop: 2weistein – The Curse of the Red Dragon 3 – V2: Ronger Pirates

Link to UK&Ireland Nintendo eShop: 2weistein – The Curse of the Red Dragon 3 – V2: Ronger Pirates

Nintendo Switch is a trademark of Nintendo.

Windows XBOX One: Coming soon! – English and German version planned.

Official trailer on Dailymotion

Ingame trailer – Dailymotion – “2weistein – The Curse of the Red Dragon 3 – Ronger Pirates”
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Ingame Trailer: 2weistein – The Curse of the Red Dragon 3 – Ronger Pirates

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Part 3: 2weistein – Ronger Pirates

“2weistein – Ronger Pirates”: This is part 3 of a long magical story.

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